Don’t Oversimplify

Yes, we want naturalistic, truthful performances.  But remember that’s all relative.  And when the engine is really going, you’ll be surprised at the range of truth you can have.  I think being in LA, we tend to consciously and unconsciously conform to a glib, simplistic, quiet, very internal acting mood.  Starting to realize that’s a trap.  Even when you know it’s a trap.  Somehow you still find yourself there.  If... Read More


Sometimes relating to circumstances isn’t as easy a process as we want it to be. We can objectively look at a role and completely understand it, even have some incredible insight, but when it’s time to start saying “I” instead of “he/she” something in our brain shifts. “I” am a school teacher. “I” am a scientist stuck in an elevator. One way to relate, is the “as if”. Or how... Read More


If you’re going to make it out there auditioning you must get rid of the inner judge. Accept who you are! Be happy to be who you are! Don’t get in your own way in auditions because you might not fit the typical mold of what the breakdown reads. Do. You. And to couple that, when going off the page, it’s absolutely imperative to accept who you are. Accept how you feel about your circumstances. It may say pissed in parentheses, but... Read More

Use What You Have

Another bit of advice when auditioning.  Use the space.  If you have a chair there, it’s part of your set.  Use it.  But don’t use it as an auditioning chair.  It could be anything!  Make it specific and use it.  Also your script in hand.  Turn the pages with expression.  If you’re pissed, upset, lonely, sad, happy, etc turn each page with that energy.  It helps keep you and the casting director in the scene. – TV,... Read More

Take No Prisoners

Kill or be killed.  You should have a hunger in your character.  A deep yearning.  An ache.  And you should be eager to go after it wholeheartedly.  And not APOLOGIZE.  When you’re acting, you don’t have to apologize for anything.  Take risks.  Go for it.  While you’re waiting in the lobby, in the wings, etc, if you’re not itching to get in there and pursue something, then you’re not ready.  Period. –... Read More

Make It Epic

All scenes are about identity.  If you go back to the Greeks, the stage was set up for discovering who the individual being is.  Therefore it is imperative to know who you are, what you want, and what price you’re willing to pay to get it.  That’s what makes a scene.  That’s what creates conflict.  That’s what creates chemistry.  That’s what makes an exciting, rich performance. With these pilots and auditions, make... Read More


As you go through these auditions, just think about “be”ing.  Find the world in you that just let’s you be the character.  Don’t put anything on.  Don’t show anything.  Just be.  You gotta remember that casting directors and producers these days are looking for people who “are” the character.  They just are.  So if you go in the room and have to take a moment and center yourself, yadda yadda, it looks... Read More

The Writer’s Chair

So it’s pilot season.  And hopefully you’ve been going out.  And you’re reading what’s circulating.  And a few times you’re probably thinking “Eh, I could write something better.”  Do it.  So many benefits can come from writing your own material.  And learning how a story is told.  Structure.  Characters.  Dialogue.  The theme.  The debate.  All the whys.  They will help you understand where... Read More

From Hustling to Hustler

Recently I went to an audition for a new pilot. A cop show. I don’t necessarily see myself as the perfect candidate for a lead detective, mostly because I don’t feel quite old enough yet. I had an evening with the material, the next afternoon, went over to Warner Brother’s to see how I fared. There were a few people there, and the receptionist told me that my agent had given me the wrong day, I was supposed to come in the day after.... Read More


Was journaling today and I feel like in the past few months I keep hearing the same basic acting lessons over and over again.  And when I get specific about each one of these, it unlocks a whole new level of the work.  Thought I’d share. 1. Make it Personal 2. Get Specific with what you’re doing in each moment.  What is each moment? 3. Have a strong opinion 4. Really know the relationship between you and your partner (the other character). ... Read More

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